Tuesday, March 13, 2012

King Street Church Beauty in Diversity Art exhibit

I currently have ‘Ronald’ and ‘Rose’ in the Beauty in Diversity show from March 10th to March 25th. 

The theme for Beauty in Diversity is the interpretation of Genesis 1:3-5. Diversity and contrast was the central theme whether it is taken literally or an interpretation of light and dark, space and mass, or male and female.  It is a pleasure and quite amazing to see the amount of artists that are a part of the exhibit.  There are over 50 local artists in six different categories from Arts & Crafts, Young Artists, Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings and Photography.

Ronald received a certificate of recognition in the drawing category.  If you are in the Chambersburg, Pa area, stop by and enjoy the exhibit until March 25th.


  1. If I were there I would make it a point to see it. I live in Fl.
    I thought it was an outstanding piece the first time I saw it, and deserves awards.
    I'm a watercolorist and pencil artist. I feel that my best work is done with pencil. However, pencil does not get the recognition it deserves. I just won those two awards for my pencil pieces but I can tell you the oils and watercolors take precedent no matter how good the graphite is done.
    I wondered if you feel the same way. It's discouraging for pencil artists. I'm a bit older.. so almost at the end of my art life so to speak, (unless I become another Grandma Moses ) LOL ! Doubt that. but I wish you all the luck .. the work you do is very good. I hope it's appreciated more. BJ

  2. Thanks Barbra, I totally understand what you are saying about graphite and recognition. It blows my mind the appreciation is not there for graphite. I guess it is along the same lines as "value does all the work and color gets all the credit".


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