Saturday, January 21, 2012

WIP Update

I’m sorry, I should have posted an update earlier in the week, but I have been a little busy this week and although I have completed this drawing I’ll still show my progress and hopefully a final post tomorrow.
At this stage his shirt and all of the elements of the drawing are completed.  The biggest problem I had with his shirt and coat was trying to get an overall shape (value & form) and a transition from his shirt into his coat.  The texture in his coat was extremely inviting but I opted to skimp and use general texture.  I know I will look at this and regret taking a short cut and should have put in the time to do a better job.
Up to this point, I’ve never used an HB pencil in my drawings and have only used 2H & 2B pencils thinking I could get as good of a value range without it.  I guess hind sight is 20/20.  I’m growing as an artist and coming to accept I should use more tools and techniques.


  1. Looks wonderful Corey you have plenty of patience of pencil work, love this sketch.

  2. Thank you Sidmar, it's interesting my drawings can take longer to complete than my paintings but I enjoy it.


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