Monday, January 16, 2012

Rookie Painter

8”x 11”. Watercolor on Arches CP.

I’m glad I took a little break from drawing and painted "Rookie Painter" December challenge.   Rookie Painter is an online art challenge for all to participate and take whatever interpretation of the photo challenge. 
It’s been about three months since I’ve worked with watercolor and although that isn’t really a long time, I do feel a little rusty.   I still had fun and am fairly happy with the result.  My only struggle was with the color mixing but I guess it’s not that bad for not working in watercolor since last fall. 
Now it’s time for black & white again!  Just kidding, I’m not done with color but I still have to learn the basics so I’ll dabble a little.  I do have some deadlines coming up so I might have to make a b-line back into color and put drawing on the back burner at least for the summer.   Umm summer, so much color, warmth and the great outdoors!


  1. Beautifully painted Corey, love it.

  2. Thank you Andy and Sidmar, I really appreciate the comments :).


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