Monday, August 6, 2012

Laughlin Mill

I was going to paint this location last Friday but the weather didn’t allow too much painting.  Yesterday wasn’t much better, overcast and cloudy with storms coming around noon, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

Laughlin Mill is a historic mill located in Newville Pa, right outside of Carlisle.  I initially found this gem online on  while looking for local water mills and I’ll probably go back to this site for years to come just to see what amazing locations there are left to explore.  

I am always drawn to water and, although I don’t fully understand why, it seems to have a very relaxing and familiar quality to me.  There are a few more mills and a lot of reference photos to draw and paint. 


Watercolor on Arches cold press 12" x 16"


  1. Yes, your back alright. What a great site you've found and your rendition is wonderful.
    Glad you left the people and cars out !!! lol!
    Hope to see more... BJ

  2. Thanks Barbra, you caught me on the cars and people although the angle didn't show a lot of cars or people. But there were a few people at the mill when I was setting up, but they were gone by the time I started sketching in the painting. I have a few paintings to post so I better start :).


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