Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pencil Portraits

 A beautiful baby, and a great photo to work from.  I love Josi's emotion and the range of lights and darks made it so enjoyable to draw.  I started painting her but never got around to finishing it.  Maybe next year if time permits.

Addi & Aunt Beulah

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to complete this portrait for my wife great aunt.  One of my daughter's favorite aunt.

Good photo but rather difficult because of limited (indoor fluorescent) light sources.  There was some reflected light on the underside of his nose and light shadow.  The photo isn't picking up the subtle shift in light. 

The Kids

Gotta love old photos, my wife (middle) and her siblings.  This one was a little unique, from the size 18"x24", I couldn't make it any bigger and I didn't want to crop them in to close or made them smaller. 


  1. Hey Corey!
    Your beautiful watercolor of the river is hanging proudly in my office at the Festival. The piece makes me smile each day when I look at the soft colors of the river and the riverbank blooming with flowers...You are an incredible fine artist and the gallery of your work on this blog certainly is testament to your talent.
    Thank you for participating in the Gettysburg Festival plein air artist program and hope to see you next year!
    Happy Painting and drawing...Phyllis

  2. Thanks Phyllis, I'm glad you are enjoying my painting. I took some beautiful pictures of the river last weekend. I'll have to stop by sometime to show you, maybe over lunch.


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